Looking for a little more peace?

Want to deepen your mindfulness?

Are you searching for a life with more depth and vitality?

Relieve stress and anxiety to find a little more calm and clarity.

Build a foundation of mindfulness practices that you can actually use at home!

Discover how to relax and live life deeply with the help of our experienced team of dedicated mindfulness practitioners & teachers.

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Need some help to deeply rest & relax? Our 3-day residential weekend may be a welcome break in your life.




Learn the art of mindful living.

A Journey of Radical Self-Discovery.

Our retreats and courses teach a way to live life deeply in the present moment, helping you find calmness, stability and clarity of mind.

Our facilitators are all deeply dedicated mindfulness practitioners and teachers with decades of  experience. We are committed to respecting your own unique journey with us and will help gently guide you to practices that can nourish and enrich your life; helping you navigate the peaks and the pitfalls of life-changing Mindful Living practices.


We provide a sense of safety, support and community for you to explore your own heart and mind- So when you return to your everday life it will be with a deeper sense of purpose and peace.

Brilliant event. It was well organised and presented. I took so much out of the experience.

  I have really been working at being mindful as much as possible and what a difference it makes to me, and those around me who reap the benefit of me being calm and present.

I'm still enjoying the post retreat glow and continue to feel so much hope for the future. Not just mine, but for our planet and all things on it.

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